It is a patent high-tech system that allows awesome 3D textures in emblems, logos and badging, with high quality finish, uncountable design patterns and colors, giving to your brand an “additional value”.


An Insigne emblem is created with high quality materials, with long lasting finish, giving amazing and unique details that add value and elegance touch to your products.


Easy Apply

You will be needing a heat press for cloth. Sensible pressure emblems are easily applicable with pressure. Insigne, has two types of application: 1.Heat transfer (textile surface) 2.Pressure Transfer o adessive (Glass, Wood, Metal and plastic).


Insigne’s emblems are made with the best quality materials for a long-lasting texture, giving an amazing detail that adds an elegant touch to your products.


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HMM INTERNACIONAL S.A DE C.V INTER TRADE, S.A DE C.V Centro comercial Santorini "B" l-1,km 9 1/2, autopista a Comalapa, San Marcos, San Salvador.

PBX:(503) 2565-5000
 FAX:(503) 2565-5050

HMM DE HONDURAS, S.A km 7 carretera a Lima, Complejo Industrial Calpules, San Pedro Sula.

PBX:(504) 2540-2723
FAX:(504) 2540-2724

HMM DE NICARAGUA, S.A Zona franca Astro Nicaragua, km 47 carretera a Masaya, Nave 21C. Tipitapa, Managua.

PBX:(505) 2295-4877
FAX:(505) 2295-4943

HMM DE GUATEMALA, S.A. Zonas francas actuales, zofracsa 33 Calle 27-01, Zona 12, bodega 2, Guatemala.

PBX:(502) 2215-2500

HMM DE MEXICO Avenida Uno No 3 B-10, colonia Cartagena, Parque Industrial, Tultitlán, Estado de México. MX-C.P. 54918, México

PBX:(52) 55 6583-9510

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